October 2018


The Trust recently received another donation from Winchester House, one of Hockerill School’s boarding houses. It was an amazing £200 that Winchester House girls made from their summer cake baking & selling event. Thank you for this great effort on behalf of Nancy's Trust; we are so very grateful.


Summer 2018


The Trust has received two very generous donations during the summer months both of which of course are large sums but are accumulated from many individual donors, be they music fans, walkers or readers, as described below.

Bernie Stevenson organized a music event at The Horse & Groom in Cornish Hall End which raised £530. The evening featured ‘Reptile Dysfunction’, which as you may know is an incarnation of the ‘Red Barrows’ set up by Bernie shortly after Nancy died in 2009. (It is said that as the Barrow pilots got older they found that strumming guitars was less physically demanding than pushing wheelbarrows around!)

Sue Hunnable-Letch, Dr Bill Littler’s Pharmacy Manager at the Castle Hedingham surgery, organised a most enjoyable sponsored walk and together with income from the ongoing sale of books at the surgery raised nearly £420 in support of the Trust.

The combined donations of around £950 is yet again great news for the Trust which is very grateful for a continuing income stream from so many generous donors, even nine years after our sad loss of Dr Nancy Salmon.


February 2016


The Trust has continued to receive generous donations during the last few months including what has become an annual gift from the Lady Doctors group who serve the local community and whose company Nancy enjoyed. Instead of sending each other Christmas cards they donate to Nancy's Trust and we thoroughly appreciate their generosity.


Another very significant donation has been received through the on-going generosity of patients visiting the surgery in Castle Hedingham where there is always a tin inviting visitors to make their donation. These two sources together have gifted around £450 which is wonderful.


November 2015


To date the total value of donations received by the Trust since May 2009 approaches £46,800 and we are constantly amazed by that growing figure.

May 2014 – May 2015

Major contributions to the funds included final donations to Belinda's London Marathon effort, very generous individual donations from local supporters, Toppesfield Talentless Night, St. Mary's Reunion and a sponsored bike ride organised by Lorraine Grothier from the tissue viability unit at St. Peter's Hospital, Maldon.

The local lady GPs contribution instead of sending Christmas cards, cake bakers from Maidstone, Sheffield Lymphoedema Centre, Hockerill and Halstead and Nancy's godson's egg selling enterprise from his garden gate have all made significant contributions this year. There are a lot of private donors, some of whom contribute on a regular basis and the Trust is so grateful to all of them. Gift Aid has also added considerably to the total.

May 2015 - November 2015

As the year draws to an end Angus's eggs have provided more funds, Toppesfield villager Paul Thompson has organised a very successful and lucrative concert and we await the final total for Evie's sponsored haircut. Thank you all so much.


Since our major expenditure for the Halstead clinic last year we have had limited calls on our funds for nurse training. We have funded Stage 1 lymphoedema training for Sarah Fenn from St. Luke’s at Basildon and she is scheduled for further advanced training in the New Year to which we are committed. There are a number of other establishments with plans for training for EFT and lymphoedema support workers which will take considerable funds but again not until 2016. We are conscious of the fact that money in the bank is no use to patients so we do prod our contacts on a regular basis to remind them of the objectives of The Nancy Salmon Trust.


December 2014


Through the continuing generosity of the Trust’s donors the total value of donations received since May 2009 now exceeds £41,000! Quite extraordinary, given that we originally hoped for £1,000 and the opportunity to fund the training of one lymphoedema practitioner.

This year there have been contributions from Toppesfield’s various entertainment events such as talent evenings and even talentless evenings, Belinda Young’s marathon sponsorship, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School 30 years anniversary reunion where Nancy was remembered with affection, Maidstone Grammar School’s cake baking event, Sheffield Lymphoedema Centre, repeated donations from Nancy’s godson from selling eggs at his garden gate and donations from all those people who have benefitted from the Trust’s sponsorship of their training. There are also many other individuals to whom we are grateful for their generous support which altogether has boosted the Trust’s coffers even more than in previous years.


It is a strange thing to say but we are pleased that expenditure has been high this year as it has culminated in the opening of the new lymphoedema clinic in The Nancy Salmon Room at Halstead Hospital, a real milestone for the Trust. Overall expenditure since May 2009 is £29,500.

Training that has been funded included EFT Level 1 & 2 courses for Anna Haywood & Sandra O'Burne from the Farleigh Hospice and this is the first time the Trust has been involved with Farleigh. Kerry Topp, a lymphoedema management practitioner, received her MLD Review training and Kerry works within the Suffolk GP Federation Lymphoedema Service and is based in Bury St. Edmunds. The Trust was able to assist Sue Wiltshire from the Jennifer Neal Lymphoedema Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital, Maldon with all of her MLD training from lymphoedema Key Worker through to Parts 1, 2 and 3 of Lymphoedema management training. The fact that Sue became a fully qualified practitioner allowed her colleague Patricia Haythorpe to become available from Maldon to run the new clinic at Halstead Hospital in November.

Finally as part of the opening of the new lymphoedema clinic in The Nancy Salmon Room in Halstead the Trust purchased a Doppler Vascular Assist Machine for that room. The Doppler machine is an essential piece of kit in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema without which the clinic could not be operational.


November 2013


Since May 2009 the Trust has received so many donations large and small totalling a mighty £33,100 which is obviously way beyond our original hopes and has already helped towards part of Nancy's dream of providing holistic care for people who find themselves suffering similar symptoms to those she experienced. This year we have continued to receive donations from many individuals including, a member of staff at Nancy's secondary school who remembered her in his will, an extraordinarily generous couple who were Nancy's patients, the Halstead Surgery staff who again donated to the Trust instead of exchanging Christmas cards, the village shop, Castle surgery, the Sible Hedingham branch of Day Lewis chemist and of course profits from the village entertainment event including a talent contest this year.


 As explained under the 'Update October 2013' heading on the 'News' tab, expenditure has been down this year but with a prospect of hopefully significant expenditure as we turn into 2014. Also we were invited to a 'Lymphoedema Awareness' day held in Chelmsford by the Jennifer Neale Lymphoedema Unit at St Peter's Hospital, Maldon and, having produced a Trust flyer promoting our ability to fund relevant training for NHS and hospice staff, we may well have some funding enquiries resulting from this event.


December 2012


 As of the 12th December donations to the Trust and any resulting Gift Aid amounts to £26,924.

 Nearly £27,000 is an incredible amount donated by Nancy's friends, patients and colleagues over the past three years or so and a figure that we could not have ever imagined. Donations have been made in many ways but by far the most has been from individual donations, some one off and some on a regular basis. The village shop, the Playgroup, the WI, Beer and Music Festivals, Castle Surgery, Jackie's Homemade With Love recipe book, the Sible Day Lewis Pharmacy and the Allotment Society have all made wonderful donations and the Trust is very grateful.

 Most recently, a young lad of 11 years and Nancy's godchild, drew a poster advertising his chickens' eggs and sold them at his front gate in aid of the Trust and he raised a lot of money and we're very grateful to him for his entrepreneurial flair and generosity.

Many of these donations attracted Gift Aid which of course adds a very significant 25% to their value. We thank you all very much and everyone else who continues to give and allows the Trust to fund some of Nancy’s dream.


 Most recent expenditure has been on:

 Art work and printing of 5000 lymphoedema information leaflets for distribution to GPs in our area.

 A Level 3 EFT Course held in Bury St. Edmunds for 6 practitioners.

 Three separate Advanced and Revision MLD courses for three health practitioners.

  For further details of these events please see the ‘News’ page.


March 2011


As of the 22nd March 2011 donations to the Trust and any resulting Gift Aid amounts to £21,623.

Just when we thought that donations were starting to slow down, quite naturally, we have received around £1,800 over the last three months and covering the Christmas period. The donations have come from many personal gifts, a clothes swap event, Christmas card sales and a WI Coffee Morning. Many of these donations attracted Gift Aid which of course adds more than 25% to their value. We thank you all very much and everyone else who continues to give and allows the Trust to fund some of Nancy’s dream.


Most recent expenditure has been on:

The EFT course for 20 health care workers held in January at St. Nicholas’ Hospice, Bury St. Edmunds.

The Lymphoedema Support Workers course for 10 practitioners held in March at St. Luke’s Hospice, Basildon.

For further details of these events please see the ‘Events’ page.


July 2010


As of the 22nd July 2010 donations to the Trust amount to £16,805 plus some Gift Aid benefit still to be collected.

Donations continue to come in and we thank everyone for their support in enabling ever larger pieces of Nancy’s dream to come true.


Earlier in the year Nancy’s Trust funded MLD training for two nurses, one at The Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre, Chelmsford and the second at St. Peter’s Hospital, Maldon.  We are now progressing towards three further MLD training needs, two at St. Luke’s Hospice, Basildon and a further one at The Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre.

Summary of expenditure since inauguration of the Trust:

Rachel Thurston at St. Helena’s Hospice, Colchester - MLD training, parts 1, 2 and 3

Sheila Smith at St. Peter’s Hospital, Maldon – MLD training

Geoff Bowen at The Helen Rollason Centre, Chelmsford – MLD training

Sara Percival at St. Helena’s Hospice, Colchester – advanced MLD and update training

March 2010


As of the 16th March 2010 donations to the Trust amount to an extraordinary £13,454. We had no idea what would happen when we started this fund in Nancy’s name but this is far beyond our expectations and we have to thank everyone for their support in enabling a small piece of Nancy’s dream to come true.



Committed expenditure this year so far is on the MLD training for two nurses at The Helen Rollason Cancer Support Centre and St. Peter’s Hospital, although we have only just started to make the actual payments.


 January 2010


As of the 25th January 2010 donations to the Trust amount to an incredible £12,012.42! We continue to receive donations and we are aware of around a further £1000 of group donations collected before Christmas that has still to find its way to us.



As mentioned elsewhere, we have jointly funded with the Macmillan Trust our first MLD trained lymphoedema nurse and she completed her training in December 2009. Rachel Thurston is a Lymphoedema Nurse at the St. Helena Hospice in Colchester and we are delighted that she passed her final MLD examinations with flying colours and is now able to provide more comprehensive treatment to her lymphoedema patients.


October 2009


As of the 18th October 2009 the Trust stands at an amazing £10,610.22! We continue to receive donations from individuals, some of whom have set up regular gifts into the Trust, various shops and public places such as the Toppesfield village shop and the Castle Hedingham and Yeldham surgeries.



We have met with senior staff at St. Helena's Hospice in Colchester and the Helen Rollason Centre in Chelmsford and we expect to be able to fund nurse's MLD training in both of those establishments. However, these things take time to organise and we cannot expect those institutions to be able to organise existing or new staff training without significant internal planning. We expect to be in a position to announce some specific training being undertaken by named members of staff at both St. Helena's and Helen Rollason in the New Year and we very much look forward to that. Such generous donations need to be put to good use as soon as possible!