Update August 2009

What a caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.

Richard Bach

It is 3 months since Nancy’s funeral and when we set up the fund in her memory we had no idea what the response would be. We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity which has resulted in the fund now standing at an amazing figure in excess of £9,000.


We have acknowledged donations whenever possible but to those we have not been able to reach, including the sponsors of Alan Collard’s Coast to Coast Walk who have given an amazing £790 so far and the patients at Castle and Great Yeldham Surgeries who continue to donate, we send our heartfelt thanks. It is clearly an indication of how Nancy was loved and valued as a doctor, healer and friend that so much money has been given.


Now that we can see and understand the significance of how the fund is developing we have decided to register it as a charity with the Charities Commission. Naturally there is some work to do to achieve that but in due course we will be registered and able to quote a charity number and be eligible for gift aid status.


In the meantime we are also progressing the development of a web site for Nancy’s Fund. It is taking longer than we had anticipated but we hope that the end result will justify the wait. It will have the benefit of publicising the fund to a wider audience and providing information about where the fund stands, and more importantly, how the money is being spent.


Although Nancy’s Fund was set up to provide training in EFT and MLD we have started by educating ourselves regarding lymphoedema and the services which currently provide support for sufferers. Awareness seems to be an issue – especially in relation to the life changing value of Manual Lymphatic Drainage to lymphoedema sufferers. It appears that information sharing is as vital as training, rather like the chicken and egg syndrome! There are other charities in the country providing support over a wider area but our initial remit was to concentrate on the local area.


The really good news is that our search for a local service led us to the St. Helena Hospice in Colchester which houses the North Essex Lymphoedema service (NELS). This independent unit of two nurses, a physiotherapist and a manager was set up a year ago to help patients across the geographical area of North and part of Mid Essex and is presently funded by the Macmillan Charity. It has been very successful but still welcomes extra funds to use for training.


Having met this enthusiastic and dedicated band we had no hesitation in agreeing to help fund additional training for one of the nurses so that she too can use Manual Lymphatic Draining (MLD) techniques with her patients. We anticipate that Rachel will be trained by the end of the year.


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