October 2015 - Lymphoedema Management Training



 The Trust is pleased to be able to continue to fulfil one of its major objectives through funding lymphoedema management training for Sarah Fenn, a Lymphoedema Support Worker at St. Luke’s Hospice in Basildon. Sarah is attending the first part of her lymphoedema management training during October and will follow that up with a more advanced course in either March or June of next year.


Over recent years the Trust has funded the training of a number of staff at St. Luke’s and although all the people who we trained via our last grant don’t work directly in the South Essex Lymphoedema Service (SELS) they are all still at the Hospice. Three of them work in the Complementary Therapy Service, so this is a great addition to their knowledge and skills; one works in the In-Patient Unit as the Lymphoedema Link Nurse there, and one has progressed within South Essex Lymphoedema Service and is now a Lymphoedema Therapist (She was a Lymphoedema Support Worker). As Deb Hickey, Director of Care & Clinical Development at St. Luke’s, said, “What a lovely legacy!”


Evie's Haircut



Nancy & Bill's daughter Evie is having a serious haircut! See the 'Events' page!



Opening of New Lymphoedema Clinic in Halstead Hospital



At Last    




We are pleased to be able tell you that a new lymphoedema management clinic has been opened one day a week in Halstead.


Previously patients from the Braintree, Colne Valley, Finchingfield, Halstead and the Hedinghams area  have had to travel to Colchester, Chelmsford or Maldon for their treatment but as from Monday 24th November 2014 they have just the short journey to The Nancy Salmon Room in Halstead Hospital.


The Trust's contribution to this is best summarised as being a nagging encouragement over three years to local health care organisations to provide lymphoedema management care 'closer to home', the funding of training for therapists at St.Peter's hospital, Maldon, one of whom will be working one day a week at Halstead, and the provision of an essential piece of clinical equipment for measuring blood flow rates.


We have to thank Mid Essex CCG and Provide, the company that delivers some of Mid Essex services, with whom we have been working this year and Macmillan Cancer Support who have supported the Trust's cause for three years, for listening and finding a solution to the service distribution anomaly.


Finally we must thank all our generous donors who over the years have been such great supporters of Nancy's Trust helping to ensure her memory and her dream are not forgotten.


November 2014 - Lymphoedema Review Training


The Trust is pleased to have funded Kerry Topp’s lymphoedema practitioner review course held in November this year.  Kerry said, "The course was really beneficial and helped me to review and refine my MLD techniques". She also had the opportunity to meet one of the world's leading experts in lymphoedema management, Hildegard Wittlinger. "She is an amazing lady, passionate about MLD and its benefits and at 84 still travels the world delivering training, quite remarkable and when I asked what her secret was her reply was ‘enjoying what I do and being around young people.’"


Kerry works as a practitioner in the Suffolk GP Federation Lymphoedema Service and is based in Bury St Edmunds where she treats both cancer and non-cancer related lymphoedema. Kerry has also undertaken studies at the Royal Marsden Hospital and expects to undergo further training there in due course.


June 2014 - Lymphoedema Management Training

Sue Wiltshire


The Trust is pleased to be funding Sue Wiltshire, a Lymphoedema Support Nurse at St Peters Hospital, Maldon, on a series of lymphoedema management courses being run by the specialist training organisation based in Swansea. Sue has already completed her Keyworker Lymphoedema Management course and will now attend a series of a further three courses starting in June through to September, each one concentrating on specific areas of the body that can be affected by this debilitating condition.


On completion of her training Sue will become a key player in St Peters' lymphoedema management team.

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