Past Events

Thursday 30th of November 2017 St Margaret's School Donation


The Trust was most grateful to have received a substantial donation from Toppesfield’s St. Margaret’s C of E Primary School this month. It came from the Harvest Service Collection held at the end of October.


It is wonderful that memories of Nancy live on so strongly in the village that she loved so much.

Saturday 9th of July 2016 - Ali's Wing Walk

An update. As you will see from the target 'thermometer' further down this page Ali raised a wonderful £1,528 and not only that she returned from her advenures in the sky completely unscathed, well physically at least! A big thank you to Ali for such a lovely contribution to the Trust's funds and coincidentally it comes at a time that the Trust is funding lymphoedema treatment training for Kerry Topp and Jennie Doran who are based in Colchester and their area of work certainly covers Bures, close to Ali's home. Thank you Ali.





A couple of months ago we were very pleased to hear from Ali and to learn from her that she would support the Trust in such a spectacular way.


Alison Monro coloured


Hi, my name is Ali and I had breast cancer 5 years ago, after going through chemo and radiotherapy I then found out I had lymphoedema. This is incurable and something I have to learn to live with. This condition is not widely known about which was a big shock to me and by going to the 6 monthly clinics I learnt about the Nancy Salmon Trust.


Last year I decided to raise money for Colchester cancer wards by doing a fire walk with other friends and family and we raised a whopping £2000.  This year on Saturday 9th July I'm doing a WING WALK plus I've arranged an after flight party for whoever wants to join us at the Thatcher’s Arms Mount Bures.  There will be music, a hog roast, a huge assault inflatable course for the children and a raffle. I would love to see you all there.


If you would like to support me, and so The Nancy Salmon Trust, please donate to the Trust via the ‘Donate’ button below.





Monday 9th of November 2015 Voodoo Room Gig


This fantastic event, early in October, was initiated by Paul Thompson, Toppesfield’s resident concert promoter. Chris Ames, the village’s own rock star, supported and opened the show with his band "Strangers Know More" and with special thanks to Minity Minter, the sound man.


The main act was Voodoo Room and, as the poster said, “The Ultimate Double Bill! Hendrix and Cream performed live by Voodoo Room”. The whole evening went down very well with the audience.


The profit from this event was donated to Nancy’s Trust and amounted to an incredible £1,550! What more can we say but thank you to Paul for putting it on.


Wednesday 4th of November 2015 Evie's Short Cut


Well the haircut happened on Thursday the 29th and sure enough we have a changed Evie as many of her friends will have already seen. Evie is very pleased with the result and delighted with donations made by generous supporters, including her hairdresser who donated her fees for cutting and styling Evie's hair, to bring the current total to in excess of £450.


Well done Evie for raising so much for the Trust and we believe there might be a little more to come.


And sure enough, there was! Evie's efforts have prompted further donations during the holiday period and they now stand at £540. Very well done Evie!


Saturday 31st of October 2015 - Evie's Haircut

Nancy and Bill's daughter Evie is during October planning to have her hair cut! That may not sound like anything extraordinary but Evie has a lot of hair and the change in her appearance after the cut will be extraordinary!


Evie is donating her hair that is cut off to 'The Little Princess Trust', a charity that provides real hair wigs to children who lose their hair through cancer related chemotherapy. To find out more about this lovely charity follow the link on our 'Links' page.


Evie would also be pleased for families and friends to sponsor her for this dramatic event and, via the link below, you can give to her Mum's charity.

 Evie's Donation Page